Book Review: Cold Snap – Thom Jones

Cold snap – Thom Jones. This collection of short fiction is another pulled from my the abandoned books from my apartment’s previous tenant and it’s a beaut. The stories are richly imagined and the characters vibrant, even though they only ‘live’ for a handful of pages. Each story is a contemporary look at a different person and their life, focusing strongly on their backgrounds and habits. Sometimes the characters seem a bit stereotyped, in particular an aborigine surfer whose language is fair peppered with Australiana to a degree that even the punctuation seems antipodean. Strewth. All in all a good read and great for twenty minute periods that need handy filler.

Book Review: The Photograph as Contemporary Art

The photograph as contemporary art – Charlotte Cotton. This book breaks down recent trends in photography in an attempt to give a background as to the rationale that drives practitioners of the photographic arts. The explanations and backgrounds are interesting and informative, complete with a selection of prints of the artists in questions. As someone who is interested in extending their photographic practice this background is essential reading, with my only gripe being that a larger sized book would provide much better access to the photos in question – perhaps a coffee table reprint is in order?