Space Invader in Action in London

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a tad bit obsessed about Parisian street artist Invader. In fact this very afternoon was spent cycling round Soho updating my map of London invasions. Sad? Me? Anyways, in carrying out a bit more research I came across this video of Invader in action on the streets of London, cementing his 116th London invader to a wall. Hopefully I can get to it before some numpty takes it down.

Keep up the good work, Monsieur l’Invader!

Update: Here’s a picture of the invader.

For the love of good music videos

Through some circuitous route that, for now, escapes me (but possibly involved Grizzly Bear) I just came across this great site full of intimate impromptu performances from great indie bands. Check out Arcade Fire’s two songs – first in a freight elevator, and then out in the middle of the audience waiting for them to come on stage. Some very happy fan faces there. I love this! Who knows how our concert visits will pan out this year after last year’s epic excess of wonderfully intimate gigs, but with sites like this you can capture that small venue feel in the comfort of your own home. When you’re not playing Beatles Rock Band of course…

Jason Kent’s New Album

My Canadian drinking buddy and part time yoga studio sweeper Jason Kent has released his splendid eponymous album for your delight and enjoyment. I think it’s only out in Canada right now, so those non-Canadians out there will have to fly over here and buy it. Off you go now…

In the meantime, here’s Jason demonstrating his musical talents by running through the entire album in one go (with Jen, owner of the best yoga studio in Montreal, on camera):

When you Can’t Let Things Go

At times I think myself and my family are hoarders, unable to get rid of things because we just might need them. But then I watched this amazing film – POSSESSED by Martin Hampton – and realised we weren’t so bad.

Hampton’s documentary looks into the homes and lives of four OCD sufferers, whose symptoms come out as an inability to let go of possessions. It’s beautiful, haunting stuff and certainly makes you wonder about things like “who are we when we let everything in our lives go?”, and “how much impact do we have on this world in a lifetime?”, as well as “how many 3G phones do you really need?”

Richard Feynman, Interview with a Genius

Richard Feynman is one of the geniuses of the 20th century, not only winning the Nobel prize for Physics, but also for being able to explain complex physics theories in a manner that even dumb Physics degree students (like me) can understand. Feynman was also involved with developing the bomb at Los Alamos that later went on to destroy Hiroshima, and hearing him talk of his and everyone’s elses’ reaction at the time is somewhat chilling.

This video is only part one of six, all of which should should up in the related videos if you go direct to youTube.