Feeling Ill.

Sore throat, buzzy head. Couldn’t sleep very well last night due to coughing. My apartment felt really cold and the hot water still wasn’t very hot this morning even though I’d spoken to my landlord about it. Guess I need to follow up with him at some point. Current drugs are:

Guess last week’s over activity is catching up with me. Hopefully it won’t run on too long though! Fingers crossed.

[You Have No Mail]

There are some people who mail you every minute of the day then stop but you don’t miss them. There are some people who mail you irregularly but you know they still care. There are others who seem to mail everyone else but you when they are supposed to be your friends – yet when you meet up you get on really well. Why is that? Why do I care? Who knows. Did that even make sense?

Well, I’m off to drink – that always makes sense to me…

[Groove Armada’d]

Well, Groove Armada turned out to be crap DJs last night at Twilo. The night itself, 2k, looked to be potentially quite a nice crowd – probably check it out again when it’s a regular DJ. So anyhoo, only stayed out until 2.30ish which was pretty well-behaved for a school night even though I’m a little bit sleepy now. Had fun chatting to StJohn’s friend Celia (a very sociable stylist from London town), as well as meeting Debbie and Simon and getting wound up by Saint over PLT. Good caribbean food was had by all at Negril

My step-brother Oliver flies in today for a few days with plans to join in the Oakenfold festivities on Friday. Hopefully he’ll be his normal bouncey trancey house self and I’ll have got some sleep before then. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn off sleep for a few days then sleep a whole day to catch up. I’m sure I used to be able to do that. I miss the Que Club!!

[Rainy Roof]

Spoke to my ‘landlord’, Gabrielle, about the roof. He’s going to check into it – yay! As you can see though, my grasp of the English language continues to be abraded by excess Buffy and Americans of my acquintaince. I’m all about the American language now… whatever.


My mum is currently dealing with a major trauma at her school. A child in her class was killed along with sibling and mother over the weekend. It’s shaken mum up pretty badly, understandably. It’s times like this when I really regret not being in the same country to try and help more. Sorry I’m not there, mum!


So, to try and cheer you all up – although I don’t officially ‘blog’ – here’s a cool site to play with… Also, Glastonbury tickets go on sale April 3rd.

[A Good Week for Brit-Dance]

The week ahead looks good for Brit-dance@NYC. Gilles Peterson plays Shine today, Groove Armada play Twilo on Wednesday and Oakenfold is at the Roxy on Friday. My step brother Oliver is in town from Thursday so hopefully he can stay awake for Oakie…

On the downside, found out that Eddie Izzard is doing a week of his Circle tour at the Westbeth Theatre. This was the place that I got backstage with the man himself when I first got to New York. My luck’s out this time – tickets are sold out. Here’s hoping for an extension to the run… Gripe time though – New York currently lacks a good place to find gigs ahead of time (rather than 1 day before). That’s definately something to hope for – maybe it could have whizzo filtering tech such as ‘I’m a Brit – tell me when any Brit celeb is in New York even if I don’t like them normally since I’m bound to go and feel all patriotic unless it’s Oasis’. Yes, I have a dream…

[Pain. Nausea. Bad hair.]

Pain. Nausea. Bad hair. Vodka, you are not my friend. Oh, how can I stay mad at you – come here you cute little clear fluid… A good night was head by all in honor of my new chum Tim, another Brit who I met at the Williamsburg party a few weeks ago. Tim didn’t quite make it to the final destination of Max Fish but was well placed to cause havoc and mayhem to all who crossed his path. Bless.

More worrying is the fact that my roof is now dripping water due to the first serious deluge in New York for a while. Come back snow! It’s been sunny all week and I’ve been stuck in an office (aside from some enjoyable midtown romps to sit by the Javitz Center) and now the weekend is here and it rains. Oy vey. Luckily my roof is not leaking onto anything useful and perishable.

[Hunter Mountain Fun]

Yey – fitted in another day of snowboarding before the end of the east coast season. Hunter mountain was the venue courtesy of Blades on the upper west. Snow was kinda slushy which made it fun but managed to pick up some good turning practice in my lesson and even went down the slope faster than my usual crawl. Next stop, 360 jumps, etc…

Note to self for next time though – don’t go out partying until 4.30am the night before you get up at 5.45am to catch a 6.30am coach… Apologies to Tully for waking him up when I staggered in to Stevie’s! The party fun was provided by the ever hospitable Alan in sunny Cobble Hill. Alan’s an illustrator for Penguin who has some superb paintings around his house – don’t know any links though… Which raises the question of when I should be planning my house warming party for. I keep thinking of this weekend before I get any proper furniture in to trash. More as it happens.

[First Major L Line Commute Meltdown]

Riight.. two weeks in Williamsburg and my first major commute meltdown. Today the Union Square Station L line was closed due to a broken water main. This meant having to go on the L to Lorimar, get the G to 23rd and the F into town. Potentially exactly the same time to do this as the normal L to Union, N/R to 33rd.. apart from the fact that 20 gaz-illion other B&T-ers were trying to use the same route. One and a half hours later I arrived – not too fried – at ClubMom where I’m currently working.

Can’t wait until I get used to the commute properly – I’m constantly whacked at the moment since I still adhere to my ‘stay up till 1am watching crap on TV then get up at 9 to walk 3 blocks to office’ mentality. Looking forward to my first bike ride across Williamsburg bridge (which would have been good today) now that Carter’s told me the way…

[27 1/2th birthday]

Now blogger seems to be working – there are a few formatting thangs to iron out and I was hoping to do a cool date thing but I’ll check into that. It’s so easy to post that the benefits are definately outweighing the downs at the moment.

So anyhoo – the main thing that has happened recently is my transition from Manhatten to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Yep, Elvis has left the island. Now I live life on the L line – Metropolitan station to be exact. The views back over the island are amazing, especially when the cloud comes down. More importantly though – I have space – the dream of all urban dwellers with limited budgets. Now I’m just adjusting my life patterns to fit in with an extended commute – the best thing about this is that I’m now reading so much more – flip side is that I haven’t been to yoga for 4 weeks now due to apartment hunting…

…ps, just remembered – today is my 27 and a half birthday – scary sox…

[First Post on Blogger]

I’m moving the diary functionality on this page over to blogger. This is a v-cool site that was set up to allow people to log their travels around the web with the minimum of hassles. Got the link from barbelith as usual, my fave venue for all things webbie.

So hopefully this means that things will be kept more up to date on the site – or maybe it will just mean I’ve got one more thing to play around and distract myself with. Aye carumba! Back in the old days when my Atari 529ST was the height of technology things seemed bad enough…