Back from Beautiful Days

Tim with Glowstick @ Beautiful Days
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There’s something comfortingly familiar about a British music festival that consists mostly of hippy music and mud, even when it isn’t Glastonbury. Beautiful Days was very much that this weekend, as the Levellers run festie went off relatively as planned with a side helping of torrential rain and foot deep mud. Did I mention the torrential rain? Yep, on Saturday, after a beautifully dry Friday, my investment in 25 quid wellies before I went turned out to be my best idea ever, in the same league as not bothering to re-waterproof my goretex jacket turned out to be the worst idea ever. Thankfully I had packed a change of clothes for my soaked upper half, and my feet were blissfully warm and dry.

That said it was a great festival. It’s small, intimate and much like Glastonbury in style and delivery, but without the really big name bands. The Levellers themselves kicked off and closed the festival, but my highlights were a very happy hour plus dancing like a loon to Eat Static, and sheltering from the torrential rain in the company of the delightfully hilarious Ross Noble, who we’d missed at Latitude due to over-crowded comedy tent issues. He was well worth the wait. There were other bands that we happily splattered about in the mud to, but those two acts, along with hanging out with friends with glow sticks/light sabers, made the entry price well worth the while – even with the British weather in full effect.

I’ll put some more pics up once I get a mo to dry them out and upload them, in the meantime you just get to enjoy Tim in full light saber swirling action. Lovely jubbly.

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