The Parting of the Ways

Sometimes you just have to face up to the facts and realise that what you think is a good thing is actually a tattered shell of its former self, based on self-delusion and denial. These things happen, life is full of change which is a ‘good thing’. Yet sometimes it’s so hard to just let go, even when it’s for the best…

And so it is, with great sadness, that I have to announce the retirement of one of my favourite t-shirts. A classic Brooklyn Industries design purchased in 2003 on a brief stop-over from England to Australia. It’s literally been with me round the world and, if truth be told, it’s showing it somewhat. Those pad thai stains from Khao San road, the weathering from dive trips and the Jack & Coke stains from its home town of Williamsburg where it finally comes to rest.

Goodbye dear friend. You will oft be remembered… until BI makes another t-shirt I like better of course.

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