Gettin’ Greasy

Playing around with GreaseMonkey, a plugin for the great Firefox browser, has been on my to do list for a while now, along with learning Rails and Ruby. Finally I found some time this weekend to put it to use on an annoying little work problem and I have to say it’s been very effective.

The problem was simple: Due to a random series of constraints I needed to delete approximately 1,500 items off a web page and deleting each count required loading a page, scrolling down a bit and then clicking the correct button – manually. Ug. After a quick test this process was taking about 10-15 seconds per deletion which obviously was a whole waste o’ time. So in steps GreaseMonkey, a few hours of coding later and bingo – a clever little application that automates pressing ‘delete’ 1,500 times for me. Ah, technology.

Now I won’t go into the obviousness of how stupid it was to need this solution in the first place, but suffice to say it works just like it says on the can. So thumbs up to GreaseMonkey! And while we’re on the subject Ruby on Rails is also turning out to be pretty darn smashing to my geek self.

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