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Again people have been commenting that I haven’t posted much recently. And they’re right.

Basically it boils down to being stoopidly busy on the various projects we have at work that all seem to have deadlines around now. The whole of September has gone by and I have no real idea of where it went – so here’s a quick list of highlights:

  • Seeing the twin towers of light from my roof, as opposed to standing right underneath them as at last year’s resFest.
  • This year’s resFest: highlights of which were Mike Mills’ short film asking ‘what would you do if you had 30 days left to live?’. That guy is a genius and I’m looking forward to seeing Thumbsucker.
  • Another fun trip up to Montreal getting away from the crazyness of New York.
  • Autumn finally arriving after some brutally hot August days – time to get the a/c out of the window again.

Dinner: Brasserie.

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