But they might be useful!

Today I decided to work in my local coffee shop, fix in the ‘burg, rather than in the office. The reason for this was simple – I get more work done when I’m not at work! Now why is this? You’d think a coffee shop filled with people would be more distracting, sometimes full of very cute distractions, but somehow it isn’t. There’s something very relaxing about a mass of people just getting on with their own thing around each other who have minimal reasons to interact. That and the phone doesn’t ring all day for other people in the office of course.

Anyway, I was so productive today in amongst all the madness that I found time to move all 1500 odd emails out of my main inbox into sensible folders – a handy thing to do given I’m sitting on top of three major projects at the mo. It was pretty astounding some of the topics of conversation from a year ago, sometimes exact duplicates of conversations I had last week, others completely off elsewhere.

Of course this still means I have umpteen thousand emails floating around somewhere in my filing, it’s just that they’re not in my inbox. The whole packrat gene runs strong in my family – with G’ette being the only one to have apparently gotten over its siren call. As for me I still have boxes of crap here (after only a year of being here), back in storage in England and at my godparents in Melbourne, Australia! I know it will be useful someday…

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