Sunshine on the N line

Did my first trip on the N/W line in Queens today on the way to Seth’s brunch party. Very nice indeed. After Queensboro plaza the line is all above ground about 20m above the road, and with today’s beautiful spring sunshine the effect was stunning. This has made me realise I need to go travelling round some more random New York public transport routes, such as the Manhattan ferry, to experience more sights at a human level.

After brunch I decided to walk back along the bridge to McGuinness boulevard, taking some photos with my ‘new’ second hand Nikon ME Super. This new purchase is the result of a three year enfatuation with the camera ever since I first played with Ann’s – it has great weight and is perfect for the black and white class I’m taking at SVA. Have to say it’s been very strange going back from digital again and especially learning to do proper printing. Overall the course has been great and I’m learning loads which is helping all aspects of my photography. Wish I’d done it sooner!

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