When I came back from my Christmas break in England I ‘smuggled’ about four Tesco’s bags full of chocolate back with me. Most of it survived, with some heroic chocolate bars sacrificing their lives for their fellows – they will be remembered with honour.

This full set of bounty consisted of Kit Kats, Twirls, Curly Wurlys, Aeros and Cadbury’s chocolate bars in all sorts and varieties. Mint, dark and filled with Seville orange – whatever will those geniuses think of next? Personally I have some favourites: mint Kit Kats are great, that slight sharpness taking the humble Kit Kat to another level, Twirls are always just best plain as the chocolate used is rich and pasty on your tongue and Aeros also seem to fare best in their original chocolate flavour. Stay away from the filled Kit Kats!

What is the point of this chocolate rant? Well amazingly, after a stressful two months of hard work and not much time to buy healthy food, I still seem to have a large fridge vegetable contained full of chocolate… go figure. I am however working to rectify this horrific situation as we speak.

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