You may now kiss the Scot

Another weekend, another wedding. This time it was Stephen and Yi-Hsian’s turn to say their vows in front of family and friends at the Hudson Hotel. The evening was absolutely awesome, with perfect weather, great food and good times. Check out the pictures here. Or find out how Stephen and Yi-Hsian got together at Scottish Grooms.

Those wedding photos have been aided by judicious use of the new cheapo flash I bought about 2 hours before the event. I have to apologise to everyone who I blinded (half or wholely) by not realising quite how strong it was! The professional photographer (whose name is currently escaping me) was using a very nice homemade flash diffuser, using a combination of clear stiff plastic with diffusing paper inside. Definately a trick to try next time.

While uploading those photos I noticed that dotPhoto has done a great job of re-organising how you file your photos. So I spent a happy few hours doing that, while realising that a lot of my photos still need some serious re-organising! Apologies to those of you who have waded through some of the crap that’s up there. I’ll try and be more judicious in my editing from now on.

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