SF of A

Sometimes I forget that America is such a diverse country, and that New York is not America! Trips over to San Francisco always help address that imbalance. It’s a a beautiful sunny day, slightly chill but no humidity. Everyone’s happily driving everywhere in their cars, SF is not the walking city that NYC is as I keep realising when I try and cross a road. The hills flow across the city, giving stunning views back out towards the bay and the bridges. Beautiful. SF was always the city I wanted to live in when I first visited the states, hating New York when I first went there – how times have changed, but part of me would still like to try living here sometime.

Of course I almost didn’t get here at all.. Due to the cunning idea of getting ‘one quick drink’ straight after work, and then the even more sensible idea of continuing to drink through the evening without dinner I ended up over-sleeping. My 8am alarm was snoozed to leave me staring at the clock just after 9am going ‘sh*t’, and wondering how I was going to make my 11.20 flight. After rapid packing, a slight mis-direction (jetBlue domestic is terminal 6, not 4) was almost the final straw – leaving me at the check in desk just after 11! Thankfully this is the US, and I managed to make the flight and still not be the last person on board.

It all got better after that… Dave provided a fun evening’s entertainment and a sofabed for the night. James directed us towards the evening’s venues – local wines at EOS wine bar followed by heavenly sushi at Ebisu (thanks to Tommy our sushi chef for the evening). James also provided a random .celebrity moment when he dragged Craig down to the bar for 5 minutes to answer a question for Christy.

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