Good mornin’ Viet-york!

Just watched some scruffy looking protesters get arrested outside of the hotel behind our office. Thought they were Eastern European tourists into def rock when I first saw them, but then noticed the flaming elephant logo on their drums. The police ran after them quickly with their fun little plastic ‘handcuffs’ and the protesting was rapidly ceased.

My friend Jen’s in town from Sf on the way to more studying north of Boston – huzah! She’s sporting a natty ‘Vote or Die‘ t-shirt which was getting lots of comments as we walked around after lunch. Best was from a guy selling paintings on the side of the road – “Vote or die? Whasthatallabout? I ain’t ever voted and I ain’t dead!”. Ah well.

Well luckily it’s remaining quiet here thus far, as I imminently prepare to run away to the Hamptons for a few days. The rest of the world seems to not be faring so well… Bombs in Moscow and Israel. Why can’t we all just get along? And will the results of the election here help stabilise the world? Fingers crossed…

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