Useful things wot I have learnt today

First up, if you’re going to queue for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park at the theatre itself you need to get there before 10am, especially on the last few days of the shoe. Ooops.

Secondly, Google receives 200 million search queries a day, which seemed surprisingly low to me. I think I only account for about 50-100 of those a day because I’m too darn lazy to check my bookmarks or type in a URL directly.

Thirdly, the insect netting in the apartment I’m subletting for August doesn’t seem to keep out these nuclear powered mosquitos.

Finally, I’ve found out that in Chinese astrological terms I’m year of the Rat, but also a Water element – so that makes me a water rat. Hmm… Allegedly that’s a great match for Dragons but I’m inclined to disagree at the moment.

No idea if these observations are related. Since the human mind is basically a pattern matching device then I’m sure there’s some significance there for anyone who’s clever enough to work it out. Seems like enough randomness for one day. Hopefully next time I’ll write something a bit more witty to entertain y’all.

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