Blown away

Blimey. Almost a week back in England and I’m still waking up stoopidly early. I hate jet lag sometimes… On the plus side the clocks go forward in a week or so, which means I’m ahead of the game – huzah!

Being back home is strange, it’s even harder when you had a really good last few weeks on your holiday and the last thing you want to do is give up the floating bambo huts, diving with manta rays and lying in the gorgeous, warm sun. Being back home is even stranger when home isn’t home anymore! Yep, my folks moved while I was away in Thailand so instead of the usual home of 25 years I’m now in a house near Norwich, Norfolk listening to the howling of the 80 mph wind across the fields. All very scenic, but not home! Ah well. Luckily having not had the same bed for longer than a few days over the last few months means that one more new bed isn’t much of a change.

Highlight of being home so far is, of course, seeing my nephew again (and the rest of my family)! He is now one year old and walking around (with help) in between running the full emotional range in 10 seconds – from laughing, to crying and back again. He is so cute!! He’s also a complete tart for the camera bless him which makes a change from the whole rest of my family and great for a camera addict like me who has 10 months of no photos to make up for.. hee hee. Next week I get to see my four month old niece for the first time which will be super cool as well. My siblings have been busy while I’ve been off enjoying myself round the world…

To soften the blow of being back out of the sun I’ve gotten myself a new mobile – a Nokia 6600. Great little toy, about the same length as my old phone but a 1/3 wider and half as heavy – but for all that you get a camera built in, organiser and bluetooth. Toys! Decided to stay with Orange but have a new phone number – +44 (07870) 560.325, they have this cool add-on where you can call Orange mobiles and landlines unlimited all weekend. Sweet! Only fly in that ointment is really bad Orange reception at the converted barn where I’m staying.. Hmm. So having great fun standing on top of a table in the conservatory to make calls. Technology, eh.

Oh, and my cat Muffin has gotten super-fat since I left so she’s now on a rigourous exercise regime… no more lounging in front of the TV for her!

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