All greased up

Been a while since my last missive… spent all of that time on Ko Phangan. Decided to do a massage course which was great fun. Have to say that waking up early in Haddrin after a hard night out drinking on the beach is not a pleasent thing – but rubbing oil into cute Thai girls in the name of ‘learning’ definately makes it more palatable. It’s a hard life init.

The Full Moon Party was as crazy as you’d expect. Thousands of people crammed onto a (previously) pristine stretch of fine sand bouncing up and down to whatever music is pumping from the bar in front of them. Great fun – like Glastonbury but with better weather and a beach. Watching the sun come up over the sea was an awesome experience, with a soundtrack of thumping techno to boot. The sun obviously wasn’t in a techno mood, as it hid behind clouds for a good hour which kept things nice and cool – and then it rained! Such a glorious feeling having refreshing rain pouring down on you, until you remember your digital camera’s not in a waterproof bag of course.

The morning sun, as well as bringing rain, also brought the realisation of the damage that the party causes to both the beach and the people. Glass and plastic is strewn everywhere, with the encroaching tide sometimes taking part of it out to sea. Not a pleasent site. The bars here make no effort to tidy up the bottles during the night, and most people aren’t really in a state to think of taking them back to the bar themselves. In fact by the morning many people aren’t in a state for much, except lying on the beach comatose or dancing barefoot like wobbly spinning tops on tops of empty glass bottles. Nice. Rumours were also spreading of a body washed into shore the next day… a caucasian casualty with no name, but there was no official backing to that story.

To recover from the madness I changed rooms at the Sarikanita (formally Bumble Bee) guest house on Leela beach. Leela is a beautiful little beach situated over the hill from sunrise beach where the partying happens. This means it’s quiet, relaxed and only a 5 minute walk into town. The room I stayed in was beautiful, quiet and well designed – with an awesome, sun facing outside shower from which you can see the sea. Beautiful. Was very hard indeed to drag myself away from that comfortable spot and head back to Bangkok to try and see what I could do with my visa, or head north for a last bit of sight seeing in Chiang Mai…

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