Party buses

Y’know how when you’re waiting for a bus you can sometimes wait for ages and then three will come along at once? Well last night was one of those nights for parties. Luckily parties go on for longer than bus journies – so managed to make them all and check out the first films of Res-Fest.

Yep, ResFest has started, all four days of it. First up was a series of films showing different aspects of going around the world – pretty interesting, with the best being ‘The Other Final’, a story about the two worst ranking international football teams playing each other on the same day as the ‘real’ World Cup Final. The match was Bhutan versus Montserrat, one a mountainous outcrop just north of India, the other a volcanic island in the Caribbean. Great idea and a lovely film which I won’t spoil by telling you who won.

Next up was the first set of short films. Wide range of styles and topics covered, some with stories, some just weird. Best movie though (so far – another three days to go yet…) was called ‘Fast Film’. This Austrian guy has printed out lots of scenes from his favourite movies and animated them to make a new movie. Bizarre. You have bits like plane chases where the planes are all paper aeroplanes ‘folded’ out of different movies. Definately worth checking out if you get a chance.

I skipped the last movie of the day (Stoked) to go catch up with Rod and Shareen at the White Photography christmas bash down in St Kilda. The building is a huge studio space (oddly enough) that acts as offices for eight photographers. More importantly though it was free booze – huzah!

Next stop was Gretta’s party just up north of my house. Big thanks to Shareen for driving us over there, and stopping off for the quick guided tour of Rod’s huge workshop on the way. The house party was slightly more raucous than the photo party but no free booze – which was probably a good thing by that stage in the night. Lots of nice folk and bouncey music.

Finally staggered off to bed around 4am… feel a bit the worse for wear this morning but up anyway ‘cos there’s more res-festing to do – huzah!

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