A little birdy told me

Ouch. Another painful sunday morning… Ah well, sometimes you pay for a good night out!

Last night’s exploits were sited at the Corner Hotel where the up and coming band Little Birdy were headlining. The corner hotel is a great venue, I suspect I will be going down there again even though it’s a little bit south of the river for my North Fitzroy tastes. Little Birdy weren’t that great, the lead singer has an amazing voice and great presence but the band seem to let her down a bit. My favourite band was the second support, Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males, who played a sort of countrified/Nick Drake/Blur blend of ‘slop-rock’ as my new chum Chris described them. The lead singer is completely laid back, looking a bit like my mate Gubby strangely enough, but has an amazing understated voice and some stunning songs – check them out if you get a chance.

What really made last night wasn’t the music though but a few other things. First off we made some new friends – Holly and Chris, both from Adelaide (now Melbin) and both band folk – with whom we happily propped up the bar (hence the head pain this morning) and chatted away as the bangs played. Looking forward to seeing both of them play soon.

The next high point of the evening was bumping into an old friend from one of my Surfari trips – Karen! This was highly surprising as I thought she was living in Sydney, so when I first saw her I just assumed it was someone who looked like her. Transpires she’s moved to Tasmania now but was back in Melbourne visiting her new boy who she’d met in Tassie – in fact she was only here for a few days so that definately rates high on the random coincidence-ometer. Luverly to see her again though. In fact had another random bumpage later when walked past Irish Ruth on the streets nicely tanked up post-Irish defeat by one point to Aus. Guess Melbourne’s getting smaller all the time.

On a more techy note – Chris pointed me towards his nephew’s website (JibJib) which is very nice indeed. What I particularly noticed on JibJub aside from the cool Flash stuff was a link to GeoURL, this is a site where you can register the longitude and latitude of your website and then find out sites that are ‘near’ yours in the real world. This is very cool indeed so I’ve put this site on it (thanks to MultiMap for the lat/lon stuff). You can click the new link at the bottom of the page to see which sites are near mine.

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