I’m burnin’ up

Yep – yesterday was a day for trying to cause severe flame related damage to myself. Burned my hand while trying to cook the simple yet delicious spinach and feta pasta (thx to Louise for that recipe). Yet again regretting not buying that A$3 colinder from IKEA so will deffo be making a trip down there next week for that. Luckily the meal turned out alright and much beer was drunk to soothe the pain.

Then later down at the Misty bar near Federation Square (a very cool little place down an alley like most of the cool places in Melbourne) t’other Matt tried to set fire to the whole bar with his flamin’ sambuca. Sometimes he really can’t hold his drink… literally. Noone was seriously injured although Dom was surprised I hadn’t got my camera out to take photos of the cool burning – I did point out that I was slightly pre-occupied moving out of the way of the burning fluid coming straight at me. Guess I’ll never be a photo journalist if I continue to put my personal safety in the way of a cool photo.

Mos and Brock rounded up our posse of ten around midnight and we all minibused over to Kensington for Jodi’s house party. This was actually the house that we looked at but didn’t move into a month ago – luckily they got someone else! T’was a great party with a nice brazier burning in the backyard and plenty of wine and beer flowing, thankfully none of it alight even though we’d brought a bottle of sambuca with us. A good time was had by all and eventually staggered back home, well taxi’d anyway, around 5am, making that officially the latest night in Melbourne yet. Hadn’t even gotten to the next party that Mos moved onto. My head is feeling suitably chastised this morning as I try to recover enough to head out to the Livid festival…

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