Nu toyz

Today was a fun day of not doing much of anything, after lots of fun days of doing stuff out in Sonoma with Mark and Alicia. Well, I say not doing anything but most people would class a day when you’ve re-booted your machine more than ten times during installations a busy day. All this restart action was due to some new toys turning up for my computer, as I take advantage of America’s relative cheapness for those sort of things. Mr Dell popped by to fix my keyboard, still under guarantee for another 26 days. Mr Amazon delivered a new 160 gig Maxtor drive and a USB 2/Firewire card, and I wandered over to the other Mr Dell’s house to pick up a new CD burner/DVD player (big thanks to uncle Tim there as well). Everything seems to working quite well now, apart from the USB 2 on the card but I’m sure that will come together at some point. It’s certainly nice to have plenty of space to store my photos and music on now though, yay!

On a more sociable note – big thanks out to Alicia and Mark (and Riley the dog) for fun days out in Sonoma. Yesterday was the finale, starting at 10 with a wine tasting at Reynolds Family winery with one of their off road tasting tours. Alicia had very kindly sorted out this as a freebie with Derek for the radio station where she works, so I got to tag along. Much drunkeness and good wine, food and champagne followed. The Reynolds wines are very nice indeed. It’s probably worth noting here that knowing your wines is pretty much a major obsession in this part of the world – everyone I know here will get into a deep comparison of the merits of different vineyards and vintages at the drop of a hat. The biggest repeated hint seems to be the $2 bottles of Charles Shaw merlot, which are actually very drinkable, but not one to serve your potential in-laws.

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