Duct tape and cover

Just been getting lots of mails from people in New York and London about what’s happening up north. New York is currently snowed in under a major blizzard, as well as taping up their windows in case of terrorist gas attack. London is just cold and grey and reeling under Ken’s lovely congestion charge. Sigh. And as for the other major, English speaking white dominated country about to start world war three (ie, Australia) – it’s hot and sunny and noone seems to have a care in the world, especially as a large number of the local peace protests seem to involve heaploads of nudity – bless. Should try some of that myself to get rid of these unsightly tanlines…

I’m about to head off from Sydney, having enjoyed a splendid $5 steak meal at the Forrester hotel last night, with Melbourne being my next destination. Plan to do the coast road for a bit then hang out in Melbourne before I head over to New Zealand. The trip is going way too fast and, to be honest, I really don’t feel like heading back to the aforementioned cold armageddon stylings of the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile I checked out some of Tracey Emin’s latest ‘work’ at the Art Gallery of NSW – complete shite. Now I’m sorry if I offended a whole pile of art experts here who understand where she comes from with what she does, but it really is un-inspiring unless you aspire to produce bollox. On the other hand a retrospective of David Moore, an Aussie photographer, was wonderful – as was a collection of aboriginal art.

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