Snags and Green Wall

Just got back to the Arts Factory hostel in Byron Bay after a second Surfari trip. This time I left from Byron Bay rather than Sydney, which meant that I got an extra day down at Plombers Point. I’d been a bit disorganised before this trip and had actually driven down to Coffs Harbour (3 hours south of Byron Bay) to visit an old friend who lived there. This meant I had to get up at 3.30am and drive back up to Byron, drop off the hire car, then catch the Surfari bus at 8pm back down past Coffs Harbour (about 8 hours after I’d left it). Ah well. Did mean I got to see some beautiful early morning scenary – mist covered fields and surfers out for sunrise breaks.

This Surfari trip was completely different from the first one. This was due to a combination of knowing more about how things worked and the weather being absolutely amazing – good, solid waves for learning and for some amazing demonstrations of surfing prowess from the instructors. My surfing has now progessed from occasional standing on white water to some spectacular wipeouts on waves that seemed to tower above me as I tried to get on them. I’m hoping Sheep (aka Steve Shearer) managed to get some good video footage that I’ll see tonight at the finish party. Sheep is an extremely cool guy – very in to his yoga and surfing, as are all the instructors (Jack, Kurt, Rosco and Raine) – thanks to all of you for another great trip! Who knows, maybe I’ll do another yet before I leave Oz. On which note I now need to go and work out what’s next on the agenda…

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