Around the world in a day

Only a few days till I begin my first ever trip south of the equator, followed in a few months by my first ever complete circumnavigation of the world. Wowsers. Any minute now I might actually start getting my arse organised…

My current itinerary is as follows – let me know if you’re going to be somewhere around where I’m going and maybe we can grab a pint of some foreign muck:

  • 7th Jan: Fly to Hong Kong
  • 13th Jan: Fly to Sydney (Australia as opposed to that place in Canada I hope)
  • 7th Mar: Fly from Cairns to Auckland
  • 19th Mar: Fly from New Zealand to San Francisco
  • 24th Mar: Fly from SF to LHR just in time for my step-brother’s wedding and to visit my newly arrived niece or nephew.

Should be a wonderful trip and I promise not to go on too much about my suntan on my return (honest Pam).

In the meantime though – happy new year one and all – hope you have more joy in your lives than you can imagine and then some

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