In da hood

Ah, back in New York again. And, just like August, I seem to have brought the rain with me. Oops.

Staying out in Greenpoint (North Williamsburg) again – found a cool couple of folk who are sub-letting a spare room on Craigslist. Rent for a week is less than the price of a hotel room for one night, plus get to meet new people as well. Luverley.

Christmas shopping and art gallery visits, with occaisional booze sessions, are the order of the day. I accidentally found myself in a baby superstore yesterday with Carter. He was buying presents for his friends three kids, so I started to get some practice for my impending niece/nephew. Carter was just upset he couldn’t find any biker baby clothes for the little boy, as he’s all about bikes after his recent cross-country roadtrip.

Nice to be back and catch up with everyone. Plus wearing my fun warm clothes in weather that’s frikkin’ freezing.

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