The Life of Mahatma Gandhi – Louis Fisher. The story of Mahatma Gandhi, told against the backdrop of developing India seperation from the British empire. I picked this book up randomly one night when I couldn’t sleep and started tidying out one of Stephen’s cupboards. Gandhi is an amazing character by all accounts and this book describes his core beliefs extremely well. This belief system centres around the need to act on what you believe in, otherwise you obviously don’t really believe in it. Pretty simple and it paid off well for Gandhi who throughout his life continued to question everything around him and never get stuck into safe, familiar patterns. The book starts of well and the first half is pretty easy going as Gandhi moves from being a well paid lawyer to fighter for civil rights. The second half becomes a lot harder going, with a lot more detail as to what Gandhi did and a lot of subtlety in who he interacted with. Overall an excellent read and fascinating to see strong self belief in action.

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