Roll On Christmas

Quick geek moment… Just went to see Lord of the Rings with my little sister and they’ve added on a trailer for the next film (The Two Towers). Looks just as visually stunning as the first one – unfortunately have to wait until Christmas.

Sunday night had a huge heap o’ fun wandering around Soho trying to get into clubs after a luverley dinner and wine session. The End had a d’n’b night on but having arrived just after twelve we stood around for about an hour without moving and then decided to give up and try elsewhere. Next stop was Camden Palace where the bouncer was very much in a ‘tickets only’ kind of mood even though lots of people were leaving. That kind of attitude is always so frustrating and just makes you feel like never going back to the place in question. Can’t see how it helps a club to turn away punters who are willing to spend a few bob in there – guess next time I’ll have to wear some shiny black shoes, tucked in shirt and everything else that fits in with the bouncers’ perception of ‘the right clothes’.

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