Nice Place to Live, but Wouldn’t Want to Visit

An article today in Yahoo news talks about how London is a city of yobs, as described by the latest Lonely Planet guidebook. Sad, but true. Couldn’t see an arguement against any of the statements they made and it’s something I’ve felt a lot since coming back from New York. I’ve never felt unsafe in New York, but always feel a bit nervous and aware over here.

That said it’s great being somewhere with a proper regard for dance music and a good sense of humour (the British defence mechanism against the hassles of living here). I keep thinking of starting up a “smile at people” campaign as I walk around the streets, noone seems to smile that much outside of the pubs with their mates – it’s heads down, avoid eye contact. Whenever someone does smile it stands out like a beacon.

Guess it’s all something to throw into the mix when I make my final decision as to where I want to live.

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