Got vaccinations for Typhoid, Polio and Hepititis A and B yesterday and my arms are still aching! Very strange. Never been a great fan of injections, luckily that should stop any serious heroin habit.

Had a great weekend though. Went to see Groove Armada at Brixton Academy on Friday night. This was my first visit to that venue and it was pretty cool – big open space, not unlike Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Great crowd and everyone was bouncing around. Saturday caught up with my friends Jenny who I haven’t seen in three years since she visited me in New York with her then boyfriend. Good, drunken session, and set me up nicely for Sunday’s relaxed, drunken session with Phil, Steve and a special guest star – Pink – who I also haven’t seen in about three years!

Then I spent a chilly hour waiting for my train at Clapham Junction having just missed one and forgetting that on Sunday trains only run every hour…. Sigh. British public transport is such a mess at the moment, and an expensive mess at that.

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