‘Cos it’s Raining

On the subject of spending time wisely mine has mostly been spent catching up with friends in London and watching grey skies. I miss sunny Williamsburg! I miss tubes (subways) that don’t stop at midnight and only cost $17 a week rather than £22 for just offpeak! I miss being able to walk everywhere! I miss the skyline! I miss my apartment! Well, it’s only been a week – I’m sure this will wear off soon.

Having a good time though. Lots of parties this weekend – bit of a birthday season amongst people of my aquaintance (sic), and thank heaven for the proliferation of text messaging on this side of the Atlantic. Also randomly bumped into some folk I haven’t seen in many years. Very strange indeed where you see people. I’m still trying to get my head back onto sorting out travel plans and combining this with developing art/graphic design skills to trigger a change in direction. A few more folk interested in travelling are coming out of the woodwork and that’s cool. Not sure that I would deal at all well with travelling on my own. Go stir crazy after a day by myself sometimes.

Oh, and though I never thought I’d say this, but England needs to ban drinking on the streets. I was going into town last night around 7pm and everyone had a can of lager in their hands. Do we really need to get that drunk before we get down to the bar? Will those few extra minutes of drunkeness make us all achieve nirvana more easily? Or maybe I’m just getting old. Nyah.

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