I’m dreaming, of a white Jan 7th..

Yep – it’s finally decided to snow in New York! Taken it’s own sweet time about it too. Big flakes drifting gently down from the sky and completely failing to settle on ground soaked from a night of rain. Oh well, might have to wait a few days for those white New York scenes I like so much, or for making snowmen.

Meanwhile I’m kicking off on my big list of “things to do before leaving New York”. Worst of these is arranging shipping/selling of everything I own here. After three and a half years I have a whole heap o’ crap (TM) to deal with. Some sentimentally important, some financially valuable and some that are just there, in decreasing order of how difficult it is to decide of course. Shortly I should be posting a list of things that are going up here so watch this space….

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