Must be Friday

Sometimes people come into your life and it’s as if they’ve always been there, they fit so well. You never have to think about what to say around them, you always seem to be on the same wavelength, perhaps they you even walk together in such a way that you’re always level with no apparent effort to dodge round people. When you find someone like that make sure you remember to appreciate them, it’s the easiest thing to forget to cherish what exists between you as it is all so simple. Enough already – I’m sure the rest of the world isn’t as muppet-ish as I am when it comes to social interactions so you know all this.

In a more film review-y vein went to see The Royal Tennenbaums yesterday with my friend Helen who’s in town for a visit. Great movie about a family of three genius children and their estranged parents. Royal Tennenbaum is the father played by Gene Hackman who having lost touch with his children for many years suddenly decides to make things up with them. It’s a great story with wonderful comic moments. Go see.

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