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Yesterday was Lou and Chris’ wedding. I’ve known Lou since the first year at University, now 10 years in the past, and she’s known Chris for as long. Ah, bless. A nice, simple traditional sermon held in a church cold enough for your breath to steam. Bad enough for the congregation but even less fun for a bride wearing an off the shoulder silk number – Lou definately went slightly purple at times, although don’t think her tears of happiness froze on her cheeks.

After the service Jon and I partook of the first part of Lord of the Rings. Wow. An amazing film that kept me entranced for pretty much all of its 3+ hour length. Visually it is stunning, but what really kept me locked in was the quality of the acting. Ian McKellan as Gandalf was outstanding, a wonderful mix of worldliness and caring demonstrated with the slightest of facial movements. The stories been tweaked and trimmed a bit to fit better with film but it’s basically all there. Go see it… now!

Today is the first of many large Christmas meals at home. I feel that I need to get out and go for a long run but it is currently about -100 degrees outside! Ah for a gym in my basement here as well as in Williamsburg! Guess I’ll just have to work harder on my gut in the new year, I’ve lost weight but not from the right places! I think most of it’s due to my hair falling out and my brain atrophying from lack of serious use.

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