Time heals

Just got an e-mail of the “a friend of my cousin’s friend said..” variety, saying that we shouldn’t travel on trains today, or some day. Ah, more paranoia. So I went onto MSNBC to check out what the ‘official’ line was, presently it’s still just a ‘high alert’ situation and they’ve detained some people in and around planes – one of which was some muppet-stupid Arab who was a) on an expired student visa and b) happened to be carrying around an art knife in his pencil case which he’d “forgotten about”. Y’know he probably is completely innocent, there are a lot of people in this country on expired student visas – but even so he should be locked up just for being stupid. How can you “forget” you’re carrying a knife in the present climate??? I’m sorry, just doesn’t wash with me.

Being on MSNBC I went to check out their Week in Photo section, which normally has some amazing images. This week nothing seemed to inspire me, so I decided to check out the images from September 11th. Bad mistake. I looked at about four before tears were starting to well in my eyes again. It seems that the emotional wounds are still very open there. It has only been one and a half months. It’s like a different age though.

As an aside currently reading Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. It’s a very interesting book, and not as “self-help” as somebody said it would be. Lots of fascinating examples of how different societies enjoy themselves and the similarities between them. Also has lots of references to the religious beliefs that can drive people to kill themselves in service of “their god”, so very relevant at the moment.

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