Lose weight, gain a life

Just wandered to The Hunger Site, a site where you visit daily and advertising sponsors donate cups of food to starving people around the world. Having click on the link and donated my 1.0 cups I noticed a banner ad at the bottom of the page suggesting I could lose 40 lbs for only $40.

What caught my eye was that the banner did not have a name on it, which having read a recent article about how people are starting to treat banners as normal adverts that they remember later rather than click on there and then, seemed a bit strange. Intrigued I clicked… The site, which I won’t name, was selling diet plans. A vision of losing weight, being thin, a better life – but from a site that was dedicated to feeding starving people all around the world. People who have no choice but to be thin, until they die. A painful, lingering death.

I was sorely tempted to raise a petition against this sick diet site – but I realized that it is better that they sponsor The Hunger Site and help feed people, rather than there being no sponsors at all. But please – just go visit The Hunger Site every day to help the cause.

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