Monkey Business

On our trip to buy bagels at the Exxon petrol station this morning I found the coolest thing – a little monkey keyring which when squeezed exudes fake shit. Although I’ve seen these before this one was particularly nice as it has a voicebox that groans and farts in it. Sweet. Still prefer my little octopus with the buldging eyes though. Best $2.99 I’ve ever spent.

Flashback Warning: when I was younger I used to have a helluva time spelling “business”. The spelling “buisness” always made a lot more sense to me. That was until I linked it in my mind to “busyness” and then everything made sense. Go figure. Not as cute as the way I used to say “par cark” instead of “car park”. Ah, bless.

Soundtrack: Hot Shots Part II – The Beta Band

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