Slap. Bang. What a picture!

Had a cool, busy and repetative weekend, nowhere near exotic countries. Friday went to a party in Billyburg, in a big white concrete ant-hill of a building on N 4th and Kent. Great views of the water and cats that seemed totally unfazed by 50+ drunk people dancing around them. Nice sandwiches too. Amazing open corridors that screamed for roller blading. No pineapples and long sandy beaches though.

On Saturday went to the Andreas Gursky photographic exhibition. Huge photos – about 6 foot high by 12 foot. Some of them were pretty cool but others didn’t really impress me – looked like large holiday snaps. Later went to an opening where someone had coloured large sheets of paper with pencil. Cheap at $30,000… wish I’d realised it was worth that much when I was doing the same thing as a kid. Later than that (after some bar antics) went to a review called Kiddie Corner. Some very disturbed young men recounting fake childhood incidents of abuse and suicide. Cheery stuff so we ended up boozing in Marion’s to finish the night. Oh, and then Sweet and Vicious. At no time were we attacked by elephants.

Sunday was completely different. Finally went for brunch at a nice little place near mine before going to a photographic exhibition from black photographers at the Brooklyn Museum after a few wrong turns on the subway. A few really nice pictures but no coherence – bought the book anyway which hung together much better. Then went into town, shopped for hifi equipment before going to a new chinese place for some gorgeous beef stuff. Yum. Then off to the Oscars. Well, my friend Stjohn and Barb’s apartment where I watched on the TV. very similar though, but less tropical fish to scuba dive with – more Steve Martin though.

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